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event - 2005 NFLDC

date - September 24. 2005

time - 10:00AM - 5:00PM

location - Riordan High School
175 Phelan Ave
San Francisco, CA 94112

TEL: 415-821-4511

General - $15  /  VIP - $25

Congratulations to our competitors.

National Freestyle Lion Dance 2005 Rankings

  1. Yau Kung Moon
  2. Loong Mah
  3. Cherng Loong
  4. Fook Sing
  5. Gee Yung
  6. Far East
  7. West Coast
  8. Mexico

Thank You to everyone who supported our even and attended. A DVD of the event is currently in the works and will be released soon. Check back for a Trailer of the event and to purchase the 2005 Lion Dance DVD.

Lion Dance Competition

Our last Lion Dance event was special to us because it was our first ever event. That event has taught us a lot about ourselves, the Lion Dancing comunity and the FANS.

This year we are trying to make this event a better event to follow up our First Annual event. We are working with a bigger group to help us promote and organize the event. We have gained supporters from politicans, bussiness owners and just everyday people who want to see our event suceed. It is because of all our supporters, family and friends that we are continuing our quest to make the art of Lion Dancing known. It is not about Chinese New Year or a Parade or the myths of a group of people banding and drum and shaking a Lion Head. It is a ART. And we are trying to show how much work and effort it takes to do a routine.



Volunteers Needed


Teams Confirmed

We have officially sent out serveral invitations to all the teams that have competed last year and have added several other teams on the list. We are now awaiting for replies. If you would like an official invitation please email us and we will send you an invitation. Our Lion Dance envent this year will be on September 24, 2005. Located at Riodian High School.

The Current Teams that are confirmed are as followed:

Gee Yung SF 
Cherng Loong
Fook Sing
West Coast
Far East Dragon

Yau Kung Moon *

More teams to come. We are waiting on paper work and our press release to be sent out. If you would like to compete or watch please contact us. To sign up for competition Click the link on top of the drum on the right hand side.

*Defending Champions


Sign up for 2005's

Click here



Lion Dance Championships


DVD store

Click Below to see trailer of the 2003 DVD
watch the trailer

Click Below to see a preview of the 2005 DVD. You will need to download and Unrar file.
watch the trailer
Prize Sponsors
1st place

Yau Kung Moon
Contact Us if you want to be the 1st place sponsor.

 2nd place

Loong Mah
SO Restaurant located on Irving Street San Francisco, CA

3rd place

Cheng Loong
Contact Us if you want to be the 3rd place sponsor.